Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Shower Gift Receipts

Some will say it's tacky, but for baby clothes especially, I try to include a gift receipt where possible. Babies grow at such different rates. You might give something cute for age 6 months in August but the baby might be barely out of 3 month clothes at that time. The result - a great summer outfit never to be used. A gift receipt makes it SO much easier on the recipient to turn in the outfit for something more seasonal or a different size. Especially since, once the baby's born, mom does not have alot of time to take extra time at the store fill out special paperwork to get the credit issued. I take no offense to these kinds of exchanges either. I'd be happier to see the child wearing something seasonally appropriate rather than it sit on a hanger or in a drawer and then straight to the thrift shop.

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